I always liked to plan my life and have goals to reach. Since I was little I have dreamt to be a fashion designer and my goal was to attend a fashion school.

As older I get I learn more about who I am and what I really like and want to do. 
And I do not like the fashion industry, the whole fashion world and mostly I do despise the so-called fast fashion.

So what is it then? 
There are so much more behind all this. I find the handcrafting, the art of building something by yourself, making other feeling good about who they are. The history of garments. The history about the person who is wearing the garment and the person who is making the garment is so enormous interesting and inspiring.

I applied to Tillskärarakademin Göteborg 2017 and was accepted and now educating me to be a Tailor. I want to learn the handicraft like a tailor.

Combining design with traditional Scandinavian tailoring is what I do and want to do and not be a part of the fast fashion industry.

Then why this blog? 
Through my blog I want to show you what tailoring is, show you my work and my life as a student/person living abroad. Chasing dreams and knowledge and finding my place to be.