Why bespoke tailoring

The post before – I wrote about how we are changing our bodies to look what we think is the perfect body. Instead of enjoying the body we have. 

Bespoke tailoring will give you and opportunity to get some clothes which har fitting your body and give the chance to feel comfortable with your body. It will make you see that it’s not something wrong with your body. But it’s the ready to wear clothes there is something wrong with. 

At the same time bespoke tailoring will give you the chance for a unique piece of clothe. It’s handicraft in the finest way. The quality is amazing. It will also be something personal which will carry your story. And it’s more sustainable. 

Bespoke tailoring isn’t cheap. But if you save upp and think about everything is behind the tailored suits, dress or what item you will have. Then in the end the price is okay and maybe a bit to cheap. 

You can always ask how long time does a item take to do? A blazer takes minimum 35 hours without the fittings.