Norrlandsoperan Umeå

Norrlands operan

One day I said: I will go to the north of Sweden. I’m here now but still not really. Norrland as the area is called is very big 242.735 km2. And there is Still 5 to 7 hours to the border. But I travelled more than 14 hours from my birthplace. I would say I’m very closed now. Hopefully I will have the chance to go to the border.
I’m only here for 10 weeks.

I’m here to do my apprenticeship at the opera in Umeå. It’s my first week and I’m helping with the last preparation to Hans and Greta by Grimm which will have premiere the 28 of september. When I’m not helping with Hans and Greta. I’m learning to sew a corset from the 1900 century.

Every autumn the opera has a big production. At the moment there is a lot of tailors working here but in one week most of them will leave the opera. It’s sad. Because they are really lovely to be working with.