In few days I will be heading for Umeå. First I will travel to Stockholm with Robin and have a nice time before going to Umeå.

I did not finish this post about my tailcoat.
Before I left for Umeå.

A Tailcoat is a garment you wear for an occasion. Mostly fine dinner parties, big events. In Sweden we wear them to weddings and if you are in any kind of secret societies /fraternal.

The Tailcoat is made from wool and the finishes is made from pure silk it can be sewn in satin because the silk is very expensive.
The tailcoat is a big project everything shall be sewn by hand.
We only did half of a tailcoat because we don’t have the time and it is also a very expensive prototype we have to sew. We also sew it in a smaller size.

It was different to sew a tailcoat from a normal blazer. And it would interesting to sew a real one maybe one to myself and have one ordered.
Some day 🙂

When I had handed in thursday. Robin and I left friday to Stockholm and had some really lovely days in the capital of Sweden.
We went to see the Vasa ship, we went to Nordiska museum. Else we just wandered around in the streets and went for a drink. It was hard to say goodbye on sunday the 15th. It’s the second time I’m leaving for a longer period. This time it is longer and much farer away than last time