Photo Markus Gårder


Orpheus - Vadstena Academy 2019 
Photo: Markus Gårder
Photo: Markus Gårder

This summer I went to Vadstena on a scholarship. The Vadstena Academy do an opera every year. This year it was the story about Orpheus.

I came to Vadstena in june. Vadstena is a small village in Sweden – Östergötland county.
It is a famous pilgrims meeting point. It is here Saint Birgitta founded her monastery.

In Vadstena came the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and he founded the castle of Vadstena.

The castle of Vadstena is also the place where the Opera was playing. And we who sew the costume we had the ateljé in the old theatre. The castle is from around 1500 and the theatre is from 1800.
It was very special to work in old historic building. Being in Vadstena was and amazing experience.

I was there for seven weeks. I did see a lot of sunsets. Being introduce to how an Opera are made and how much work there is behind is. Was really interesting.

Marika Feinsilbers was the one who designed the costumes. It was interesting to hear her thoughts about her idea to the costume.
It was different to sew costumes who another person had designed. It was a different kind of feeling. Not in same creative feeling I have when I decide everything by myself. This felt more as a job and you do the jobb and then you go home. It was interesting to try.

We had one soloist each to sew the outfit. I sew the dress to Eurydice and then we sew to the choir.