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Hans and Greta

It’s my fifth week in Umeå and it’s minus degrees.

When I arrived I helped with the opera Hans and Greta by Grimm. I arrived two weeks before the premier. They didn’t have so much left to do. So I sew the trousers to the mom and helped with some finishing.

The 28 of september we went to the premier and it was really great.
I think the costumes, scenography and light does so much for a play. And so many people who is behind and working to make the opera perfect.

Pictures from Norrlandsoperans website

After Hans and Greta. My superviser showed me to do and historic corset. I chose to sew a corset from 1900 in my size. It’s a typical corset for burlesque.

Since then I learned to sew a historic blouse it was quite interesting with the pattern. It’s just squares.

At they moment I’m sewing a historic jacket from 1600.