Historic jackets

My time at Norrlandsoperan has ended. It ended the 22 of november. My ten weeks at the Opera has been very educational. If you follow my instagram: afdahm. you maybe have seen my two jackets. The grey one is a model from 1620 and the blue one is from 1775.

I sew the two jackets in theatre way. The jackets doesn’t have a lining made from viscose. You don’t hide the seam because the actor do not take the garment of. If the actor takes the garment of you do have a lining. So it looks real.

It’s very much about how to save as much time as possible and be productive. You don’t have to be meticulous if it doesn’t show or fall apart. One of the persons I was working with said it’s like being sloppy with a responsibility. I like that. It’s takes the pressure away by knowing the world does not fall apart if its a bit different on one side from the other side.

It made me fell more comfortable about sewing. My tempo went up and my skills developed a lot. It feels very good when you notice that you have developed to a better level.

I started to sew the grey jacket and it took time. My fabric shrank a lot and I had to unpick all my pieces and improvise how to sew it together again. I could not cut new pieces because I didn’t have more fabric. My patience was on trail. But in the end I finish the jacket and content about the outcome.
The blue jacket was a good finish product to sew. It was a good repetition and the fabric did not shrink.
The two jackets is going to be used for children party in the future.