Welcome to my point of view about the Textile Industry

I have since I remember always loved to create and be able to do things with my own hands. 
For the last 20 years I have had interest in textile and wanted to work with it when I got older, and here I’m still learning new information about textile. 

Knowledge is an important tool for us to survive. Knowledge made me see the backside of the Textile industry how it is destroying our planet and killing us. But the worst part is that we just look the other way because fast money is better than saving our planet and the future. But there is hope and hope is us. Even if it was a horrible disaster what happen in Bangladesh 2017 it also showed us one of the awful part of the textile industry and the big clothing firms had to take responsibility for safety for how their clothes was produced. But to be real we know they only do this because we (people, costumers) found it horrible and started to boycott them.  Therefore, I have hope, because if we want to make changes, we need the knowledge so we can make demands.

I will share my knowledge and point of views, and I may not have the right answer for the right solution to solve the problems, but I have ideas. Please enlighten me if you have ideas or point of views. 

Remember to be critical because there is so much greenwashing in the textile industry.  And a least doing something is better than doing nothing. 

My wish for this year is to write post with the knowledge I have about textile and also show you some of my creations. So this blog is not for me to preach for you how awful the Textile industry is but enlighten you with information about textile.

Happy New Year!