About me

Ida Dahm Hagensen

Born and raised in Denmark. Today living in Gothenburg, Sweden. 
At the moment I am attending University of Borås. Studying textile engineering.
In 2020 I finish my school of tailoring and have the title Tailor specialised in mens wear.
Up until my current study I have completed many prestigious courses within design and cutting. 
My interest in fabric and garments began at the age of 12 and I started designing and creating my own garments when I was 14 years old.

My vision 

The Fashion Industry has long been moving more and more towards industrialization and mass production.
With this development, the old tailor crafts are disappearing.
It is my vision and ambition to fight this tendency.
I want to bring back the traditional and proud ways of manufacturing clothes and creating everlasting fashion.
It is my belief that true fashion is meant to be comfortable, familiar and of high quality.
Using high quality material is the very essence of good craftsmanship.

I believe that garments make identities and are a unique way to express one’s personality.
But the industrialized and mass-produced garments will not fit perfectly.
Shirts can be too short. Suits too tight across the shoulders. Trousers too loose.
We are all different sizes and it will not fit the various types of women’s and men’s bodies.
Garments are supposed to harmonize and consolidate your body type.
Only with tailormade clothes will you experience this to perfection.

I believe that clothing shapes our personality and is a way to express ourselves.
And finally, it is my opinion that tailor-made garments carry a unique value which we can pass on to our children.

Every individual is unique, and so should their clothes be.